Top 3 Holiday Hosting Tips

It has been a fantastic couple of weeks for the team, we launched our new website, listed and sold numerous homes and welcomed Rebecca to the team. However, with business booming and the holidays quickly approaching, I don’t always have as much time to prepare for hosting friends and family as I would like (as I am sure many of you can relate). Nonetheless, there are a couple things I always make sure to do, no matter how hectic my schedule may get. Here are my top tips for hosting during the holidays and any time of year-

  1. Clean the guest bedroom and bathroom
    This is so important to making your guest’s feel comfortable while they are staying with you. I always vacuum, put fresh sheets on the bed and clean the bathroom (don’t forget to set fresh towels out). For an extra cozy feel, light a candle or put out fresh flowers.
  2. Create a welcome basket
    A welcome basket is my favorite thing to prepare for guests and I think it goes a long way to making your house feel like home. I like to include a couple chocolates, lint roller, some fresh fruit along with the Wi-Fi login information.
  3. Create a menu
    Especially when things get busy, it’s always good to plan (and prep if possible) your meals in advance. I like to type up a menu with the meals I have planned and leave a printout in the guest room. That way guests know what to look forward to during their stay.

Happy hosting!

Smiles~ Marji