Buying a Home

Whether you’re buying your very first home or your third, the real estate process can be confusing—but it doesn’t have to be. Here is a simple guide of what your real estate journey will look like and how we’ll be working together.

Our Part in the Process of Buyer Representation

Step One:
Before we get started, we will need to obtain a pre-approval of your purchasing power. We can help you find a qualified lender.
Step Two:
Checking out the Market
Now the fun begins, we will set up showings to tour homes that meet your qualifications and needs.
Step Three:
Preparing the Offer
We found it, and it’s perfect. Now we just need to secure a purchase agreement. As your REALTOR®, we submit on your behalf an offer to the listing agent for review and to present to the seller(s) for response.
Step Four:
While there may not be any, the listing agent may come back with a counteroffer from the seller(s). We’ll work through the proposed revisions with the goal of a happy medium between parties.
Step Five:
Offer Acceptance
Once all parties agree, we’ll make certain that the purchase agreement and any additional documents are fully executed and provided to the lender and title company so that the process of purchasing your new home can begin.
Step Six:
Loan Application Begins
Within so many days after the acceptance of the purchase agreement, Buyer will make a written application for any financing necessary, to complete the transaction and to make a diligent effort to meet the lender’s requirements and to obtain financing in cooperation with the Broker and Seller.
Step Seven:
Sometimes things look great on the outside, but are cracking on the inside. Your inspector will take a close look at your property to report if any repairs, no matter how big or small, are needed. We can then submit an inspection response to the seller’s REALTOR® requesting any repairs, replacements, or adjustments needed prior to closing.
Step Eight:
If financing is being utilized your lender may require an appraisal to be completed to verify the value of the home.
Step Nine:
Final Walk Through
To ensure the property is in the same or better condition than when the agreement was written and repairs agreed upon have been made to buyer’s satisfaction, we’ll do one last walk through of your new home prior to closing.
Step Ten:
We, along with the seller and their REALTOR®, will meet to sign the closing documents and exchange keys. (Congratulations!)
Step Eleven:
After the Sale
We are committed to being a resource for our clients after the sale. We are committed to being your Real Estate Consult for life.
  • Answering questions after moving in
  • Contractor/Vendor referrals
  • Market trends
  • Design Ideas
  • and more…

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