Monteith Legault x HomeTagz

How we are using HomeTagz technology to improve our client experience.

We are always on the search for tools and technology to ensure we can provide the very best service for our clients. HomeTagz is a cutting edge innovation which applies “tags” to selected listings to identify the highlights of that property. It’s a great way to make sure that potential buyers see all of the improvements, upgrades, interesting facts and more.  

Once a profile is created for a property, it can be shared with the seller so they can easily continue to add “tags” and keep track of the changes that they make. For example, this would be a great way to record paint colors, finishes, upgrades, and any important property disclosures. Then once the property is sold, the seller can pass along the HomeTagz profile to the next buyer.so they have an archive of information if they ever need to reference it in the future. 

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