How to Hang A Picture Like A Pro

Ah the dreaded task of hanging art in your home. Who hasn’t avoided the task of hanging anything on the walls, only in a moment of panic just to get the job done, take a hammer and a nail to the wall without measuring at all. While that works in a pinch, there are some easy tricks to the trade to properly hang a picture (minimal dread guaranteed).


  1. Make a plan. Determine the weight, size and shape of what you are hanging as well as the material of the walls.  
  2. Have the necessary supplies ready. The basics include a measuring tape, hammer, nails and pencil. Bonus points if you have a jar of spackle and touch up paint too. Double sided adhesive strips and a stud finder are always a great to have on hand. Also, note that nails are not the only option – you can always lean art or try a picture shelf or rail. 
  3. Measure and mark. Just like the old adage says “measure twice, cut once” – measure twice, hang once. It’s also important to note that the center of a framed piece should be 57 inches above the ground (pictures that are hung too high is something we see all the time in homes). If you are creating a gallery wall, a great hack is to use the paper inserts from the frames as a rough guide for sizing and spacing on the wall. Tape them up and see how it looks. 
  4. Go for it. Art is meant to be enjoyed so get it up on those walls. 


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