Activities to Keep Kids Busy at Home

Right now we have more time than ever to share at home, which can be wonderful but also challenging (especially as a parent). While watching TV can be a fun way to pass the time, here are some other activities to try while you are confined at home:

  • Make a daily schedule
    Plan out time for reading, play, screen time and everything in between.
  • Try playing different board games
  • Cook together
  • Tidy and organize together
    Once the quarantine is over, we anticipate the market will be red hot and if you are thinking of selling you don’t want to miss this opportunity, so use this time to prepare now.
  • Garden together
  • Exercise
  • Allocate responsibilities (and rewards)
    Create a list of chores that go above your child’s normal responsibilities and offer rewards for completing them.
  • Play/ care for pets
  • Wash dishes
  • Clean up toys
  • Try a craft
    Make jewelry, tye dye or make something new out of recycled materials.
  • Create daily journals for writing/ drawing
  • Write thank you notes to local heroes
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Create an at home spa
    Bonus: let them run the spa and you can be the client
  • Invent a game together
    Indoor bowling made out of recycled things, board game, etc)
  • Set time for children to socialize with their friends on the phone or via video conference