Simple Steps to Protect Your Home

You never want to think about losing your home to a fire, flood or other disaster but there are some simple steps you can and should take just in case. Now is a great time to set aside 20 minutes and check the following:

  1. Test your smoke alarms (because why not). You should also make sure your furnace is inspected annually and change the filter regularly.
  2. If you have a basement or crawlspace with a sump pump check that it has a backup battery and make sure to have it inspected annually by a qualified plumber.
  3. Made any major improvements to your home lately? Contact your insurance company and make sure that they are aware; they may send an assessor out to document the changes. Just make sure it is noted on your policy because if not, the updates may not be covered.
  4. Take a video of the inventory in your home once a year. Go slowly and open every closet and drawer so that everything possible is documented.
  5. As you buy new things for your home, take a picture of the receipt and create a digital file of the images. Bonus points if you create a spreadsheet with all of the information.
  6. Invest in a waterproof/ fireproof safe that can hold your valuable documents, passports, memorabilia and other items that would be impossible or difficult to replace.


While hopefully just taking the necessary precautions is enough, in taking these simple steps you will gain peace of mind and save yourself from potential frustration later on. As always contact us if you have questions and we would be more than happy to help.