Investing In Unique Real Estate

Investing in unique real estate is not difficult but it does take patience, a little imagination and the ability to look beyond the surface level.


Take for example this church in Indianapolis that is currently listed for sale.


While many people may not be able to see a function beyond a place of worship, this church and large open sanctuary could be a great space for many different things including a:

  • Single Family Detached Dwelling
  • Two-Family Dwelling
  • Greenway
  • Garden as Primary Use
  • Wireless Communication Facility
  • Group Home
  • Bed and Breakfast


Specifically it is zoned D5 which means several things:


  • It is intended for medium intensity residential development and is not intended for suburban use.
  • Two-family dwellings are permitted on any lot in this District. The D-5 District has a typical density of 4.5 units per gross acre. This District fulfills the low and medium density residential classification of the Comprehensive General Land Use Plan. All public utilities and facilities must be present.
  • Development plans should incorporate and promote environmental and aesthetic considerations, working within the constraints and advantages presented by existing site conditions, including vegetation, topography, drainage and wildlife. Trees fulfill a critical cooling and drainage role for the individual lots in this District.

Read the full information here: Indianapolis Zoning Information

What all of this technical lingo really means is this church and over quarter acre of land near Fountain Square could be any number of things in the future. Perhaps, a quaint bed and breakfast as many former churches around the world are being reimagined.


Come discover this amazing property for yourself and let your imagination run wild.