How To Make Your Newlywed House A Home

Simple advice for any newlywed or home buyer to follow.

In the many years we have been selling real estate, one thing is for sure. The decision to purchase a new home is often the result of other changes in life. Life events such as having a child, moving jobs or deciding to retire often mean changing your housing. Another major life event that comes with a change of living quarters is marriage. Moving in with your partner can be both exciting, stressful and is definitely a lot of change in a very little period of time. So how do you manage all of the change and turn your newlywed nest into a home?

1. Make a list and discuss what you cannot live without. We find it is better to have this conversation upfront and prioritize before you start your house hunt. Try to keep an open mind, take into account what your partner is looking for. Be prepared to compromise!

2. Blend the old and new. As you are packing your personal dwelling, try to let go of things that do not serve a purpose or bring you joy (thank you Marie Kondo). By minimizing the junk, you can start fresh and make room for the new.

3. Talk about finances and make a plan. If you are getting married, you have hopefully already discussed your personal financial situations in depth but use the move as a chance to chat about them again. That way there are no surprises and both parties are comfortable with the budget and how expenses will be managed.

4. Identify your personal style. Use your registry as a great exercise for identifying what speaks to each of you. Take time to select items that both of you appreciate. If you cannot navigate how to blend the styles yourself, consult with a professional who can suggest some ideas.

5. Keep big purchases neutral. For items such as the couch, dining table and master bed, we suggest selecting items that are timeless and neutral. The décor, pillows, cushions and linens are much easier to change later on than the furniture.

By following these simple guidelines, a happy, comfortable newlywed nest awaits!