Would your home pass an electrical inspection?

Guest blog written by Austin Smith, a full service licensed Electrician in Indianapolis.
Dependable electricity is something you don’t really notice or appreciate (unless you are an Electrician like me) until it stops working. If you are preparing to sell your home, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure it will pass the electric inspection when the time comes.

Do the switches work? 

This is an easy one, bonus points if you label the switches, your inspector will thank you.

Are there any obvious malfunctions?

Do all the light fixtures, switches and outlets work, if not, get it repaired. It’s an electrical inspection issue that is easy to avoid.

Have the outlets been grounded?

An inspector will use a device called a multimeter to check all of the outlets and confirm this. If you don’t have a multimeter laying around, call a licensed electrician and have them check.

Is the panel updated and expandable for additional appliances or a potential remodel?

This brings peace of mind for future homeowners. Having an updated or expandable electrical panel could even be a bonus to some buyers. It’s useful to know what your home has.

If you have questions about the electrical system in your home it is always a good idea to call an expert.

A little more about Austin Smith:

I was blessed with an opportunity in my late 20’s to join the IBEW 5-year apprenticeship and to be trained as an electrician. Because I moved to Indiana from England with my young family I took my training very seriously.

I have worked on many projects around Indianapolis, big and small! For example, I worked on Lucas Oil Stadium, the downtown library renovation,  Riley phase 5 hospital and the convention center expansion. This really made me feel like a local and connected to Indianapolis.

I started my own electrical business in 2016 and have moved towards the residential side of the business. I find it more fulfilling to help people and work with customers on a one to one basis. It’s always a good feeling to help somebody out of an emergency  situation and fix their electrical issue. My scope of work in any given day can range from replacing the service on the outside of a house and the panel on the inside to adding custom lighting, additional outlets, remodels, renovations and light commercial work. I feel that as a smaller company, we have the benefit to keep overhead down and therefore pass on the savings though reasonable rates. I take pride in being your affordable electrician!

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