But what if my home doesn’t sell…

How to cope when your home isn’t selling as quickly as you thought it would.

So you have made the hard decision to list your home for sale. It might not be perfect but it’s where your children grew up, has a kitchen with a great layout and a backyard where you always dreamed of building a big patio and pool. So many memories, so much potential. It’s not flawless, but it’s yours.

But somewhere along the line, life changed and what was once the ideal home, isn’t what aligns with your future moving forward. Maybe your children have grown up and moved away and you are ready to let go of all the unused space, a career change is requiring you to relocate or maybe you found a new home that fits your life better than this one. Whatever it is, making this massive decision to move is never easy.

After you find the right REALTOR® and sign all the paperwork, the reality kicks in that you have to “depersonalize” your very personal space. You clean, paint and make repairs. It’s a lot of work but you do it all so that your home will look it’s very best. Once the photos are done and the listing is live, the first couple of days are so exciting! Getting a rush of people demanding to see your house as soon as possible is electrifying, intoxicating! Even if the showings don’t rush in, you are optimistic that your home won’t spend more than a couple days or weeks on the market, right?

Well no matter how wonderful your house is and how much blood, sweat and tears went in to preparing it for the market, there is a chance – a really good chance – you are going to need to wait AT LEAST 90 days for your home to sell.

Yes you read that right, 90 days or 3 months!

If your house is unique, in a higher price bracket, in need of serious repairs, located in an uncommon setting or any other number of reasons – it will most likely take even longer. It doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with your home or even that it is overpriced. It is just that sometimes you may be ready to sell but the right buyer isn’t ready just yet.

So what do you do?

Before you panic, lose confidence and retreat back to the decision that selling isn’t the right choice. We recommend starting with taking a deep breath. Then,

Understand that you are experiencing something very normal during this time of transition and nearly everyone shares this concern at some point when selling their home.

Know that each zip code, neighborhood – even street – can vary when it comes to how quickly a home will sell. With all of our listings, we carefully research and monitor market activity. We will keep you informed on a regular basis and will let you know right away if we need to modify your home’s listing. You never have to worry that the reason your home isn’t selling is due to a lack of information or visibility about the current market.

Trust that when you have a home listed with the Monteith-Legault Real Estate Company, we are marketing, networking and working very hard behind the scenes to ensure as many potential buyers see your home as possible and that your home is priced right.

Even in the best market, finding the right buyer takes persistence. In the end, every home is perfect for someone. We are here to help you find that someone, all we ask is that you have a little faith and a lot of patience.