New Home, Who Dis?

Think outside the new build.

If you’re in the market for a new home, it’s easy to fall in love with the many “semi-custom homes” peppered throughout any booming superb. You know, that shiny new home that is sitting pretty at the top of your price range. Amazingly, it has the exact number of beds/baths you envision your future family necessitating. And gasp… it has granite counter tops, an open floor plan, and stainless steel appliances (happy emoji, clapping hands, thumbs up)!!!!!! Seems like a Nick Lache dreamboat served up on a platter of six-pack abs and Miller Lites, amiriiiite?

You’re wrong. I don’t mean to sound harsh – but don’t settle for that fake tan, glamour muscle with the voice of an angel. It stares into the back of someone else’s yard and looks just like your neighbor’s house and your neighbor’s neighbor’s house and pretty soon you don’t even know where to put a comma, much less your relaxing hammock and fire pit!

Namaste. The old home to get your hands on is without a doubt: the mid-90’s to 2000’s fixer upper. Record scratch. What?! “That’s not an old home; I graduated in 2001”…cue the boy-band loving tears.

With all the power couple seriousness of JT and Britney’s 2001 Canadian tuxedo – cry me a river. And then rebrand your home as the 20/20 Experience.

So how do you ‘bring sexy back’ to oak hardwoods, faux paint and a maroon/ beige color palate? It isn’t easy, but look what a buzz cut did for JT?

Home pictured is 3654 Highland Park Drive Greenwood, IN 46143

Here’s why the 90’s – mid 2000s home is the best investment in today’s real estate market:

  1. Location, location, location : You don’t get any more old school than this safe investment standby. These homes are in the well-established neighborhoods, with development all around them – because of them. Restaurants, churches, schools – all within shouting and ‘make your life easier’ distance.
  2. Privacy : Those trees that were planted some 20 years ago by a growth savvy developer, (who now snow birds near the gulf of Mexico) can offer you and your family solitude, shady back yards, mature landscaping and money-saving shade. Don’t flip your burgers on an over-developed piece of cornfield in the hot sun –that’s so LFO.
  3. Easy Updates: All this home needs is a little hair and make-up (or remove some frosted tips if I’m sticking with the boy band comparison). Like most heartthrobs of this era, these homes have staying power because they are up to current code, custom-built, and offer many of the same (natural) highlights of today’s new build. Quality homes built in the mid 90’s – 2000s boast: open floor plans, large kitchens, professional landscaping and an emphasis on entertaining.

So, as the busy spring buying season approaches – be on the look out for that 20ish year-old home hanging out in the middle of your price range.

Look closer. Does it have a good floor plan? Nice neighborhood? Ideal location? – A baby face with dance moves and charisma for days? You can change almost anything about a home, except location.

And remember the words of the prophet, Justin: What goes around comes back around – especially in real estate.

If you have an old-er home you would like to spruce up for TRL the MLS – call Kara Whisler at Midwest Mod Interiors. Ms. Whisler specializes in seeing the potential in yesteryear’s beauties, and is most effective in advising homeowners and real estate professionals on easy and effective upgrades. She believes strongly in the value of location, trees and foresight.

Kara is happy to discuss your future home sale– or to debate the hierarchy of boy band greatness. Though partial to The Backstreet Boys, she acknowledges the impact of a strong falsetto-ed front man.

She is a washed up 2001 graduate living in a 1998 built gem located in the heart of Noblesville, Indiana. She is a mother of 4, currently raising/grooming the triplet girl group: Destiny’s Daughters. Her baby boy – a cross between Fabio and Hamilton Porter – will be her greatest accomplishment yet.

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