Essential Home Features for Entertaining

Make your life easier this holiday season by having these amenities.

If you love hosting, planning holiday gatherings and entertaining here are a few essential features your home should have. Whether you are looking to buy or renovate the home you already love, here is a list of what our clients request most often.

1. Guest bedroom
Having a place for guests to comfortably stay is an essential part of being a good host (For more tips on hosting, here is Marji’s advice). Even if you don’t have the space to dedicate to an entire guest room, you still have options. For example, you could add a comfortable sofa bed to your home office or loft. Or a Murphy bed could also be a good option without consuming an entire room year round.

2. Home bar
Did you know that many buyers list a wet bar as a feature of their ideal home? Even if you don’t have the space for a full bar, a bar cart or dedicated space for storing glasses and bottles is extremely helpful when entertaining. It also creates a second location for guests to gather – besides the kitchen. Speaking of which…

3. Space to gather in the kitchen
Guests always tend to gravitate towards the kitchen. A big kitchen island with bar stools is extremely practical and beautiful. If you are renovating, our advice is to maximize your space and design a kitchen and dining area that multiple people can comfortably move around.

4. Outdoor space
Having space to host guests outside helps maximize the indoor space of your home (when it’s not icy and freezing outside of course). A deck or patio with comfortable chairs or a table for dining can really go a long way. If you need to create some additional privacy, check out InstantHedge, which sells specially, pruned plants and evergreens so you don’t have to wait years to grow your own.

5. Guest bathroom
A main level bathroom is a great feature for entertaining and adds value to any home. This helps keep guests from having to go all over your house and is functional for every day life as well.