Address Change Checklist

A critical (and often overlooked) part of moving is to make sure to update your address. Updating your mailing address is an easy one but here is a quick checklist of 10 other places you may not think of that need to be notified about your move.


  1. U.S. Postal Service. As soon as your move is confirmed, make this update on the USPS website and you can set the date in advance for when you would like your mail to be sent to your new address.


  1. Utilities. Electric, water, sewer, gas, trash, internet, TV and phone all need to be notified or you could end up paying someone else’s bill.


  1. Employer. Updating your address ensures that you will receive all important tax documents and other notifications from your employer at the correct address.


  1. Bank. Documents from your bank, credit cards or other financial institutions could contain personal information, make sure these documents end up in your hands.


  1. Insurance. Health, dental, car, life and home. Make sure your address is accurate so you don’t have any issues filing a claim.


  1. Doctor and Dentist. Make sure your medical providers are sending your bills to the correct address or you could accidentally fall behind on payments.


  1. DMV. In Indiana you must change your mailing address with the DMV within 30 days of moving.


  1. Voter registration. Accurate information means that you won’t have any issues when it’s time to vote.


  1. Social Security and the IRS. Two very important institutions that need to have correct contact information for you.


  1. TSA Precheck/Global Entry. This change could be easily overlooked but inaccurate information could jeopardize your membership. Update it by calling 855-347-8371 or submitting an update request online.