Tips For Hosting A Successful Garage Sale

Spring means warmer temperatures, spring flowers and best of all garage sale season! If you are moving or just trying to de-clutter garage sales a great way to get rid of unnecessary possessions and hopefully make some extra money. Garage sales can also be a great fundraiser. We are hosting a garage sale for the US Athletic baseball team on May 19, if you would like to donate items or come by to shop, please contact Marji Legault 317-442-1215.

Here are some tips to ensure your sale is as successful as possible:

  • Make a list of all items you are planning on selling and make sure to put a price tag on everything. Gently used items sell best and make sure that everything is clean/washed and not wrinkled.


  • Schedule and market your garage sale at least a week in advance. Many neighborhoods have an annual garage sale so try to plan your sale for that time since you will likely see the most traffic then. If your neighborhood doesn’t have a sale, try to coordinate with your neighbors and see if you can have your own neighborhood sale.


  • Put up directional signs our around your neighborhood so customers can find your sale.


  • Have extra grocery bags and boxes on hand for customers to carry their new items home.


  • The day of your sale, make sure everything is set up and ready to go as early as possible.


  • Whatever doesn’t sell, donate. Make sure to get a receipt and you can use it as a deduction on your taxes.