Curious About Investing In The Indianapolis Rental Market?

The Indianapolis rental market provides a diverse array of opportunities.

Purchasing rental properties can be a great way to make some extra income. However, it is essential that you are well informed and prepared before purchasing anything. Rebecca shares some of her insights on what makes the Indianapolis rental market unique.

The rental market in Indianapolis and surrounding counties has really changed throughout the years. How has it changed? Now more than ever, the economy is booming and there are job opportunities all around the city. This has made for a very competitive and lucrative rental market in our city. Even better, there will always be demand for affordable living spaces, which makes it an amazing market to invest in.

Each area of Indianapolis attracts a different type of tenant. Downtown Indianapolis is a very diverse market because you not only have the students at IUPUI but also professionals and families too. This is a great place to start investing because you have such a vast variety of budgets your rental can appeal to. There is somewhat of a similar situation in the Broad Ripple area, however, homes can be a little bit more expensive in this highly desirable pocket of Indianapolis. East of Indianapolis is Irvington, which is a very popular market for investors and renters alike. This is a result of the many affordable duplexes, historic charm and convenient location. Furthermore, the Fishers area is growing exponentially because of numerous newly built condos and top rated schools. While this is a slightly more expensive market to invest in, it’s one that I would highly recommend considering.

I am blessed to work with investors and renters alike because the rental market is always growing and changing. If there is anything myself or my team can do to help educate or explore investment opportunities in Indianapolis with you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

– Rebecca Allison