What To Know When Buying New Construction

Thinking of building a home? Here is what you need to know about new construction.

So far this year, we have been experiencing a very strong sellers’ market and the inventory of homes is limited. If you are having trouble finding a home that fits your needs, new construction is a great option. However, building a home provides its own set of challenges and it is extremely important that you have a REALTOR® who can represent your best interests throughout the process. Here are some of the reasons why you don’t want to go it alone:

Every builder is different
Builders are all unique in what they offer and how they work. Your agent will help you research and navigate which builder best fits your needs and makes sure you have as much information as possible from the start.

Represent your best interests
Everything is negotiable and the timeline of purchasing a new build is significantly longer than buying a home that is already complete. Your agent will be regularly communicating with the builder to make sure that you get the very best price and that deadlines are being met. Having an agent will help you secure the best financing, ensure that you understand all the terms of the contract, and even find a short-term rental if needed.

Cost effective upgrades
When building a home, there are endless options to customize and make it exactly what you want. However, certain upgrades are not worth the investment and you are better off doing them yourself later. For example, if you plan to immediately replace the builder grade light fixtures, it is more practical to negotiate them out of the price.